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The Surprising Mineral Can Counteract the Effects of Sugar

If there’s a good versus evil in the nutrition world, it’s salt versus sugar. The two white crystals look similar on the outside but are totally different on the inside—and behave totally different once they’re inside your body. Salt is composed of two essential minerals, making it an essential micronutrient, whereas sugar is a nonessential […]

Stop Chugging Milk — Eating This Surprising Food is Actually The Key to Avoiding Osteoporosis

If you’re at risk for or have osteoporosis, you may have been warned that salt is bad for your bones, since a high-salt diet increases calcium loss in the urine. It’s a theory that has been promoted for years, but there’s actually little scientific basis for it. What’s generally not mentioned is that a high-salt […]

Why do some people crave Salt & Others Sugar? The Easy Trick to Change Your Cravings

It’s a common throwaway comment: “Oh, I’m a sweets person,” or, “I prefer salty food.” But have you ever wondered what’s at the root of these cravings? Can a salty person become a sweets person or vice versa? Let’s dive into the science behind why we reach for potato chips or cookies. What causes salt […]